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What does the nation expect from its youth? It hopes indeed the youth to learn, be educated and bring light to their country.

From A. Smetona’s speech


      We provide high-quality basic and secondary education, we individualize and differentiate the curriculum; we strive to ensure equal opportunities for children of different abilities and dispositions. About 500 students of the gymnasium learn according to the curriculum of the second stage of basic education and the curriculum of secondary education. We have 50 teachers who are all well-qualified in their subject and methodological preparation. When drawing up an individual education plan, students  are offered a wide selection of modules in natural and exact sciences, arts and technological subjects, students can study four languages (English, Russian, German or French).

     Ukmergės Antano Smetonos Gymnasium is a modern, democratic and secure school providing good learning conditions and possibilities for individual choices. The gymnasium has highly-qualified teachers, it fosters nationality, a well-rounded development of the personality, educates an honest, proactive and creative tomorrow's Lithuanian and European citizen who is capable of lifelong learning and influencing the change of the  society. An open, active, constantly learning, eager for positive changes and having strong traditions community helps the school to become the center of the spread of best practices, ideas and pedagogical initiatives in Ukmergė district.

Antanas Smetona


Antanas Smetona is a statesman and journalist, one of the signatories of Lithuanian independence act in 1918 and the First President of Lithuania from 4th April, 1919. Antanas Smetona was teaching ethics, ancient philosophy and Lithuanian stylistics at the University of Lithuania in Kaunas. He was awarded the Honorary Doctor of Philosophy degree at Vytautas Magnus University.


The gymnasium was built in 1938 and named after Antanas Smetona, the President of Lithuanian Republic. In 1992 the school was inscribed in the Register of State Real Cultural Properties. In 2001 the school was granted the status of gymnasium - the first gymnasium in the district. Since 2001 Antanas Smetona gymnasium has been a member of  UNESCO Associated Schools network, which fosters international cooperation and peace. Since 2005 Antanas Smetona gymnasium has been a member of the team of schools protecting nature.

Informal education

Students of the gymnasium have an opportunity to attend a mixed youth choir, a vocal ensemble, a youth dance group or choose other activities from a wide range of self-expression activities: volleyball, basketball, rhythmic gymnastics, graphic design and media, flower arrangements, theater, etc. There is an interesting, diverse and enjoyable school life: national get-togethers, Olympic days, festivals of school choirs, art exhibitions and an active students’ self-government. Gymnasium is like a mosaic.  Its present arises from a stable past with Antanas Smetona values such as education, work and duty.  Purposeful, creative education goes along with friendship, cooperation and perfect opportunities for self-expression. Gymnasium is like a cathedral, it is wise enough, but youthful as well.

Strategical Priorities

The improvement of the quality of education;
The promotion of the leadership;
The modernization of the educational base.

Subjects taught at the gymnasium

Foreign languages
Fine Art
Moral education
Physical education
Technical Drawing

Foreign languages taught at the gymnasium


The website of the gymnasium  



Headmaster  Adolfas Girdžiūna


Tel.: 370 34060018

Fax: 370 34056682

Ukmergės Antano Smetonos gimnazija

J.Basanavičiaus 7,  LT-20107 Ukmergė,  Lithuania


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